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Details & Cost
We have excellent advertising opportunities on our site for businesses and consumers alike.

Advertising your business on Horse Trader is as simple as sending your ad to  in the following formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG or PDF

Advertisements will be displayed on the right hand column and the area just above the footer on most pages of the website which will be selected at random. You will NOT be able to request where you would like any ad placed.
Advertisments can be made for you by contacting  

Sizes and rates for ads are as follows:
850 x 200 pixel footer banner - $46.00 (GST Inclusive) per month
215 x 600 pixel  right column sky-scraper - $34.50 (GST Inclusive) per month
215 x 200 pixel box ad - $11.50 (GST Inclusive) per month
New Zealand
021 048 4261
7 days
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