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Over the weekend I was tricked in to adding a listing for a person that wanted to sell a horse they did not own. The horse's name was "Foveaux Major" and the lister used the owners name to list it but the email and the phone number were not that of the owner. The person's name doing the listing was Nick Cowan.

Can you please make sure you have no dealing with this Nick Cowan, as he has wanted the money up front before you can view the horse.

I am sorry this situation has occured.


Horse Trader is the brainchild of Tom Kilkelly who have been in discussion with other like minded Harness Racing Trainers who have experienced difficulties in being able to sell their surplus horses.

This website though will not be limited to just standardbred horses for sale and is able to be utilised by any breed of horse, thoroughbred, equestrian, pony, etc.

The site will be manually operated in getting the information loaded with your details, relative information and a maximum of 5 photos being loaded onto a separate page for you. (refer to contact page for the relative details and information required).

Please Note from 1 October 2015 a small charge per listing will be charged to help recoup some of the costs as follows:

• New listing for sale of horses $20.00 each or $50.00 for 3 Horses listed on the same day

• Re-listing or price adjustments $10.00

Please read the terms and conditions for the use of this website before submitting a sale item as you will have to acknowledge you have done so and agree to abide by those rules in the application form. All items available for sale on this website must be legitimately owned by the seller and be for genuine sale. Any communication regarding prices or any disputes with the item must be between the buyer and the seller. Horse Trader pesonnel and the website designer are only the providers of supplied information and are not able to be implicated in any way.


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